Valorise­toi ! (Empower yourself!)

This tool was developed in the framework of the work of the National Working Group of Scouts et Guides de France on ‘Young Adults­Rover Section’ dedicated to the question of giving just value to skills acquired in volunteering. It is about gaining recognition in university and professional fields from the richness, the diversity and the seriousness of skills acquired in the framework of the role as Leaders of the Scout Movement.  The tool aims at allowing everybody to self-­assess their skills and to highlight their value by proposing a list of activities linked to their role as Leader. The tool also allows the users to analyse what they already know to do or what they might still be able to learn, using a ‘professional’ language to talk about one’s Scouting experience and to give it a just value.

The tool helps the users to assess themselves in 5 areas: ­

  • Organisational skills
  • ­ Responsibility, sense of initiative and analytical skills
  • ­ Relationship skills
  • ­ Intercultural skills
  • ­ Technical and artistic skills

Following their assessment against the above mentioned criteria, the users proceed into a deeper analysis of the assessed skills, especially in the spectrum of career choice or educational objective. The tools also focuses on tips related to translating the assessed skills into a more professional language that corresponds with the employers.


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