GR-EAT Guidelines

GR-EAT_Booklet-AEGEE-PRC-G2D-RC5-COVERGuidelines for Recognition: How to make your volunteer experience count in the eyes of your future employers?

Volunteering and youth organisations offer young people the platform for alternative methods of learning, complementing their experiences with formal education and helping to bridge the gap between education and employment. With the challenges nowadays world is facing, most of the sectors in the society are in need of new approaches and adaptations. Within that learning clearly has to reflect the needs and necessities of society for better employment opportunities and the needs of the learner for enhanced personal growth.

This publication is for you…

If your organisation has a network of long-term volunteers – and you want to support the external recognition of their skills;

If you want to develop a learning path for your volunteers that meets the needs of the job market;

If you want to provide your members with a quality learning experience and by that open up a new dimension for self-development and growth.

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