The Volunteer Passport (France Bénévolat)

The Volunteer Passport is a link between the volunteer and voluntary and community organisations. It provides evidence on the volunteers’ skills and experience in different forms of volunteering and in all types of voluntary organisations. The passport will follow the volunteer throughout his/her volunteering career to demonstrate how he/she is developing through his/her experience. The purpose of the passport is:

  • To list and describe each role the volunteer undertakes;
  • To document any training undertaken by the volunteer;
  • To integrate these elements in a profile of the volunteer;
  • To accredit the skills and competences developed through volunteering.

The passport consists of a set of records containing:

  • Details about the individual;
  • Details on the volunteering assignment (description, skills developed, any special notes);
  • Details of any certificates awarded by the organisation (including a description of the achievement, skills developed, any special notes);
  • A schedule of all the volunteering roles undertaken by the individual;
  • A record of any training, qualifications or continuing professional development undertaken by the volunteer.

The main target groups for the volunteer passport scheme are:

  • Young people, in any volunteering role;
  • Employees looking for a change of career;
  • Unemployed people seeking to develop their skills and experience.

The Volunteer Passport was developed for France. The people who are interested to use it need to contact nearest Volunteer Centre or send a registration form by post. There is a fee of 2 and 4 euros respectively for each case.


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