Since 2007, the organisation Lorraine has engaged in a partnership for the implementation of two structuring tools: a Federal Charter of regional players in the AIO (Accueil, Information, Guidance) and e­skills portfolio (e­ portfolio) for the benefit of all inhabitants of Lorraine. A test version of the e­-portfolio Lorraine, called Lorfolio, was launched in September 2009 to be experimented with different types of audiences with the support of several partner networks. Lorfolio was officially launched in February 2013. Since then, 16 000 accounts have been created and statistics show that people spend time online.

The benefits of Lorfolio are:

  • Self­regulation;
  • Self­assessment: participants have to choose their own competencies in a proposed list;
  • Self­management: analytical and summary skills.
  • Thinking, problem­solving and decision making: Analysis and summary skills;
  • Collaboration: availability; respect for procedures; Team player; ability to manage conflict;
  • Ability to manage work time;
  • Motivation and confidence: advisory role.


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