The C­Stick is an online digital portfolio which is developed by JES, a city lab for children and young people located in the cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium). Initially, the CStick was developed for low­-skilled young people but has already been tested successfully with a broader target group. Basically, the C­Stick engages the users in a thorough insight into their (key) competencies and helps them to better plan their learning in order to increase their chances in life and, in extend, their path to the labour market. In order to prepare the portfolio, users need to log in online and fill in a lot of information related to their experience. The key competences of C­Stick are organised according to thematic areas which are described below but the users have the opportunity to add new competences that are not already listed. It is important to mention that the competences offered by C­Stick are a result of an in depth research and consultation with various stakeholders in Belgium, among them the Flemish Employment Service and private companies. When filling in the data, each competence is can be analysed into sub-­competences in the form of check list and YES­NO questions. Then, the C­Stick provides a score to the users, based on the information that they have filled in. This score provided by the C­Stick, as well as related information can be downloaded and used as a reference in the CV of the users. C­Stick’s users are mostly organisations, rather than individuals, as explained by Mr Jeroen Bels, person in charge of the Competences section of the organisation, in an interview with him. The reason this is happening is because the C­Stick gives the opportunity to other organisations to provide guidance, counselling and coaching to the youngsters when working with their competences. Mr Jeroen stressed out the importance of self­-reflection and self­-evaluation before filling in the C­Stick as well as the importance of youth workers in guiding the young people into a self-­evaluation process that can lead to as accurate as possible results. What is interesting in this online tool, is that a whole section is dedicated in providing the users space and guidance to reflect and plan their personal development through various activities. The C­Stick is only available in Dutch and French Language.


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